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  1. Help the Ukrainian army financially
  2. Help financially in cryptocurrency National Police, National Guard, State Border Service and State Emergency Service (source) below text:

Ethereum 0x76136B4d578Df727B132053d9a392eeF202F9a80

Bitcoin bc1qdcg86r4rcgf9s6y9nxtyl80xxz62sunw9nevzr

TRX TMoeioXTNK1xowtuXFQxnFnf5ZLEJmu7y7

USDT TMoeioXTNK1xowtuXFQxnFnf5ZLEJmu7y7

BNB 0x76136B4d578Df727B132053d9a392eeF202F9a80

  1. Help Ukraine Now - site of verified Ukrainian fundraisers during the war specifically for foreign donors. There are both large and small local organizations and contacts of individual volunteers.